Im a professional cabinet Installer abs builder with 16 years experience. I've installed about 80 kitchens and hundreds of bathrooms over the past year using wolf cabinets contractors choice.

The cabinets are pure garbage. It's shameful these are built in the USA. The construction quality is horrible. I regularly have to put cabinets back together as they are falling apart right out of the box due to lack of glue, poor joints, poor assembly, and a complete lack of quality control.

Toe ends are connected with cheap plastic connectors with no glue, parts are often cut short causing the cheap hot melt glue joints to do nothing because the two surfaces at the joint are not touching. What does wolf do, send it out.

Uppers are falling apart within a year of use because of poor design coupled with even poorer assembly. If your considering these cabinets just run away, they are cheap for a reason.

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80 kitchens and hundreds of baths in a year?If it was 100 baths and 80 kitchens = 180 jobs. 365 days in a year - 104 (52 two day weekends) - 10 days (assume you take some holidays and maybe a vacation day or two) That leaves about 250 work days.......

hmmm? You are putting in a kitchen or bathroom in every 1.4 days?Something doesn't add up.Not buying the review


Just remember the are Prefab Cabinets not Custom you get what you pay for.

So don't go the cheap route expecting anything more dont care how long you been doing it.

Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, United States #1122842

At least your cabinets had hot glue joints. The cabinets I got only had small staples trying to hold them together.

With all the defects in these cabinets I don't know what's going to happen to them in 6 months. Not to mention the sloppy finish on them


Hi we just bought the same cabinets i agree they are junk mine were shipped with shelves in place by the time i opened the box the shelves were all scratched cabinets were damaged alls i can say is JUNK!!!!!!!

to Anonymous #1168067

Had the same issue pure garbage!!

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